5th Annual Milan Golf Scramble

To Benefit: Team Gleason

Where: Audubon Park Golf Course
Entry Fee: $90.00 Per Person before April 15th - $100.00 after.

Steve Gleason’s legendary defense in the 2006 game that pitted the Saints against their rivals the Falcons set the tone for the rest of the game. The Saints triumphed over the Falcons 23–3 and went on to have the most successful season in their history. Today, Team Gleason is running defense against Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). We’d like your help.

On May 17th, our krewe invites you to join Team Gleason in their fight to triumph over ALS while enjoying a day on the beautiful green at Audubon Park. You’ll be in good company. Our teammates this year once again include the fabulous ladies from the Pussyfooters and the Organ Grinders. The Saintsations will be there too, shaking their pompoms and cheering our efforts on. Let’s make 2014 the most successful season for Team Gleason and the Milan Golf Scramble together.

Purchase raffle tickets at the Milan Lounge or from representatives selling the tickets in locations throughout the city. You can also purchase tickets when you attend the Milan Lounge block party the day of the event.

The raffle drawings will be held immediately following the awards ceremony. You do not have to be present to win raffle prizes.

Paretti Jaguar providing an XJ as Hole-In-One Prize

More details to be announced

Paretti Jaguar XJ Hole-in-one-prize

May 17, 2014


days to go

Official Hecklers

Official Hecklers will be serving up cold beverages throughout the course as they pester, prod, and provoke golfers, ensuring that amateurs and pros alike are on even footing when it comes to winning the coveted prize for last place.

The hecklers’ identities will not be known until the day of the event for their own protection.

Official Press Release

Official Letter of Engagement